Dear editor,

Traffic issues are synonymous with living in Crestview these days.

For the past week, I have personally agonized over picking up my grandkids at Walker Elementary School.

I believe the school is trying to implement a new system for dropping off and picking up kids, but has created a bigger problem than existed.

Last year, cars would enter from the left of the east side and go down into the school. That actually allowed more vehicles to get off of Stillwell (Boulevard) and into the school.

The new plan results in a large number of vehicles stopped on Stillwell prior to allowing a few into the school to pick up kids.

At times, the traffic has gone all the way back to our police department.

It is also very confusing to have one person with a stop sign controlling three intersections not close together simultaneously.

Emergency vehicles would have a tough time getting in if they were required to do so.

I applaud their effort, but it needs to be helpful and not harmful. Thanks.

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