CRESTVIEW — A 30-year-old Crestview man who violated a temporary domestic violence injunction by calling the victim multiple times and going to her home was arrested June 30.

Curtis Allen Ferrell ran when Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the victim’s call for help.

During that time, he called the victim’s phone again and spoke to a sergeant who was on her front porch. The sergeant told him to return to the house and surrender. Ferrell also had violated a notice to appear on previous charges of resisting arrest with violence and felony battery.

Ferrell told the sergeant that he would return with a rifle and hoped the lawman was quicker on the trigger because he was going to shoot.

He was found about 200 feet from the home while hiding and talking to the sergeant on the phone. He ran again.

The incident happened on June 16 and he was arrested two weeks later.