CRESTVIEW — The Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections has received reports of phone calls being made to voters across the county soliciting personal information.

The caller identifies himself or herself as being from the “elections office,” without specifying a location or official office.

The elections office stated in a media release that the caller will list names and ask if that person is at the number, then ask for personal information from whomever answers the call.

The Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections does not solicit personal information except for verification purposes and will identify the office if and when voters are called.

Attempts to contact the malicious caller at the phone number listed — 386-951-3006 — results in an “Invalid Extension” notification and an immediate hang-up.

The SOE office asks that area residents be aware of this number and do not give any personal information when prompted.

Anyone who has received one of these phone calls and given personal information is asked to report it to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Fraud Hotline, 651-7674.