LAUREL HILL — There's a problem in Laurel Hill.

In a message to the Crestview News Bulletin May 5, area resident Kathy Busbee said some of her family's headstones — and one other for a Gavin family member — in Almarante Cemetery have been vandalized, and several items have been stolen from the gravesite.

"Almost every angel statuette, crystal figurines, sentimental trinkets, a small mailbox, praying hands....almost everything we'd put there is gone," Busbee said. "Not valuable really to others but sentimental none the less."

Busbee, who found out about the headstones when she went to place flowers on her parents' graves, said six generations of her family are buried at Almarante.

This includes the Birges, her grandparents and great-grandparents, and Busbees, her mother and father. 

She hasn't visited the cemetery for six months and she believes the incident occurred between today and Thanksgiving 2015.