CRESTVIEW — Thomas Gordon, of Gordon Martial Arts, recently hosted the 10th Annual Korean Martial Arts Festival.

The first day included a session on kicking, and some tips on throwing techniques.

The second day featuredthe Sine Wave, among other taekwondo moves; lessons on breathing techniques, blocks, kicks, strikes, locks and throws; a session on knife and belt techniques; and tips on various defenses for the hook punch and bar room brawl overhand right.

In addition, the day featured the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame ceremony.

2016 Hall of Fame inductees honored on stage were:

●GM Kimm, He Young — Living Legend Award

●Master Harold “Hawk” Hawkins — Trailblazer Award

●Dana Hee — Competitor Award

●Master Chris Dufour — Competitor Award

●Master Wesley Wing — Competitor Award

●Stace Sanchez — Contributor Award

The third day featured a session on takedowns and various aspects of training; a session on principles, illustrated with a couple of techniques; and some joint lock flow drills.