CRESTVIEW — A man charged last August with sexually assaulting a teenage boy faces a new charge today: trying to hire an Okaloosa County Jail inmate to kill the teen before the trial.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged 51-year-old Darell James Robinson, of Fort Walton Beach, with solicitation to commit premeditated first degree murder.

A fellow inmate said Robinson offered to pay his $1,200 bond, and let him live at his home for free, if he would agree to kill the 17-year-old victim in Robinson’s sexual assault case.

Robinson suggested the other inmate poison, stab, or shoot the teen — or put battery acid in heroin and get the juvenile to inject himself, according to  an OCSO arrest report. He advised the man to have someone call him after the murder and use the code words “Boo Tie” to let him know the deed was done.

In a confiscated letter to a family member, Robinson also wrote: “As you know, no face, no case. That’s why I want him to disappear forever,” the arrest report states.

During a secretly recorded conversation yesterday, Robinson again outlined a plot to kill the boy by shooting him while he walked down the street, according to the OCSO. He provided the other inmate specific instructions — such as to wear gloves, clean the gun, and then throw it in the water off the Shalimar bridge.

He also provided a map showing a route from the teenager’s home to the bridge.