CRESTVIEW — During spring, residents’ thoughts turn toward gardening.

University of Florida Okaloosa County Extension Director Larry Williams said for the best selection of plants best suited to the local environment, go to a nursery.

To that end, Crestview Nurseries’ Dan Horn shares some tips for home gardeners and landscapers.

What should folks plant this time of year?

Bedding plants are doing well. Vegetables are the big thing now. Peppers, basil, tomatoes — now’s the time to get them in the ground.

What should people avoid?

Pansies and snapdragons. We don’t carry them now. We carry them in the fall. Ornamental kale and cabbage are fall plants, too.

What about fruit trees?

Fall is best for most fruit trees. Citrus is OK for spring and summer, unless we have a late freeze.

What’s the biggest mistake home gardeners make?

Not watering enough. Especially in the heat and sun of summer.