CRESTVIEW — Consideration of a proposed agreement between the Community Redevelopment Agency board and the City Council has been postponed until a Feb. 8 meeting.

The agreement would transfer fiscal responsibility for CRA funds from the city clerk to the CRA — which the CRA Board oversees — while the city, through the clerk, retains oversight of the agency. It also would allow the CRA to retain legal counsel, as needed, through an attorney specializing in CRAs.

The CRA board and the council have the same members, just different responsibilities, Growth Management Director Teresa Gaillard said. “This is just a formality that shows there are two separate entities and we realize there are two separate entities," she said.

Board member JB Whitten on Jan. 25 said he was uncomfortable agreeing to a contract without CRA Director Brenda Smith present. Smith was attending an out-of-town conference.