Crestview's water rates have not been increased since 1998.

It's amazing how those in government say these things as if it's a justification for doing what it is they are considering doing.

It doesn't matter whether or not rates have increased since 1998. What really matters is whether or not an increase is justified, and will the people of Crestview be better off because of it?

I believe that a story like this should read "Crestview residents get a lot of (amazing) stuff that makes their lives more awesome with a $2 increase in their water rate".

Then the article would list all the (amazing) stuff that residents get from it.

I'm not familiar with the history of this discussion. It could be very well justified, but based on this article, I'm not sure of the bang for the buck.

If it's not a definitive answer, then it doesn't need to happen.

City officials need to know that they are public servants, and they owe the community an answer.

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