The Crestview Police Department and Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office provided the following crime reports for publication.


Sept. 30

•Linda Shaye Parker, 32, Crestview: dealing in stolen property.

Oct. 1

•Kirk Aaron McGriff, 30, Crestview: principal to dealing in stolen property.

•Charles Christopher Kaufman, 20, Crestview: utility services theft and criminal mischief totaling less than $200.

Oct. 2

•Joshua Neil Bryan, 30, Crestview: battery.

•Donna R. Galley, 44, Crestview: criminal mischief.

Oct. 4

•Daniel John Mulligan, 35, at large: property trespassing.

•Maurice Anthony Nitzke, 19, Crestview: marijuana possession with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver.

•Todd Lee Taylor, 44, Crestview: battery.

Oct. 7

•Brian Velazquez, 25, Crestview: battery.

Oct. 9

•Dillan Travell Lawson, 20, Crestview: marijuana possession.

•Christopher James Reedy, 26, Crestview: battery.

•Richard Earl Larkins Jr., 25, Crestview: battery.

•Donna R. Galley, 44, Crestview: two counts of criminal mischief.

Oct. 10

•Donna Ree Galley, 44, Crestview: trespassing.

•Kimberly Michelle Ethridge, 34, Crestview: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

•Christy Lee Gullett Moore, 28, Opp, Ala.: grand theft.

•Charles Howard Coleman III, 32, at large: robbery by sudden snatching.

Oct. 11

•Roosevelt Ducarmel Jean-Francois, 31, Crestview: controlled substance possession.

Oct. 13

•Ric'Quan L. Bembo, 18, Crestview: retail theft totaling more than $300.

•Dakota Gregory Josey, 19, Crestview: child abuse without great harm.

Oct. 17

•Jessie Lee Coleman, 34, at large: battery.

•Christopher Joseph Dreading, 33, Crestview: violation of stalking injunction.

Oct. 18

•Anthony M. Nitzke, 18, Crestview: weapon possession on school property and marijuana possession.

•Craig Steven Edwards, 39, Crestview: marijuana possession.

Oct. 19

•John Frank Sabor, 30, Crestview: petit larceny totaling $100 to $300.

•Mark Antonia Williams, 33, Crestview: child abuse and battery.

Oct. 20

•Frank Currier Morrison II, 64, Fort Walton Beach: domestic violence injunction violation.

Oct. 21

•Randal Tevon Hartley, 22, Crestview: retail theft.

Oct. 22

•David Andrew Steele, 31, Crestview: two counts of child abuse and one count of battery.

•Cody P. Barnhill, 24, Crestview: retail theft.

Oct. 23

•Wynona Davis Carpenter, 44, Crestview: eight counts each of forgery and passing forged bank notes.

Oct. 24

•Lawrence Wayne Dumas Jr., 22, Milton: marijuana possession with intent to sell.

Oct. 26

•Roman Bernardo Cook, 53, Birmingham, Ala.: battery on person age 65 or older.

•Paul Edge, 31, Crestview: retail theft.

Oct. 29

•John Earl Briscoe III, 44, Crestview: battery on a person age 65 or older.


Oct. 2

•Jason Robert Jennings, 38, Laurel Hill: aggravated battery.

 •Pamela Jean Johnson, 27, Laurel Hill: property damage $200 to $1,000; burglary; grand theft, $10,000 to $20,000; and petit larceny.

Oct. 5

•Zachery Miles Fearson, 24, Baker: aggravated battery.

•William Lester Morrill, 39, Crestview: battery.

Oct.  6

•Lawrence Michael Larimer, 50, Crestview: battery.

Oct. 7

•Jeremy Francis Dinan, 31, DeFuniak Springs: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

•Jeremiah Matthews, 32, Laurel Hill: no motor vehicle liability insurance.

•Jeffery Scott Parker, 57, Baker: felony probation violation.

•Thomas Joseph Sweeney, 35, Scranton, Pa., out-of-county warrant.

•Roger Allen Thompson, 57, Fort Walton Beach: battery.

•Krisy Dawn Whitely, 35, Crestview: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Oct. 8

Johnathon Tyler Harvard, 20, Niceville: out-of-county warrant.

•Mark Harding Lambert, 46, Crestview: contempt of court.

•Aslia Diane Meredith, 29, Crestview: battery.

Oct. 9

•James Wheeler Hicks, 26, Fort Walton Beach: out-of-county warrant.

•Dennis Lee  King, 26, Crestview: out-of-county warrant.

•Stephen Quinton Showers, 29, Crestview: weapon or ammo possession, stalking.

•Zachary Blake Walden, 34, Alabaster, Ala.: out-of-state fugitive from justice.

•Daniel Reed Wesson, 28, Crestview: out-of-state fugitive from justice.

Oct. 10

•Felicia Elvina Anderson, 27, Baker: battery.

•Travis Dale Anderson, 29, Baker: battery.

•Jessica Leigh Smith, 30, Fort Walton Beach: out-of-county warrant.

Oct. 14

•Alyssa Nicole Kosche, 19, Crestview: controlled substance, marijuana and drug equipment possession.

•Cornelius Antonio McQueen, 24, Crestview: out-of-county warrant.

•Derrick Joel Moats, 27, Crestview: driving with suspended license.

Oct. 15

•Kenneth Harry Brixey, 29, Niceville: out-of-county warrant.

•Stephen Ceccorulli, 57, Crestview: contempt of court.

•Dennis Alan Denton, 18, Baker: drug equipment possession or use.

•Devin Leland Van Sickle, 24, Crestview: driving with suspended license.

Oct. 16

•Joshua Paul Gifford, 53, Niceville: out-of-county warrant.

•William Ray Lawrence, 31, Crestview: attaching registration license plate not assigned and driving with suspended license.

Oct. 17

•Michael Paul Hagan, 29, Crestview: out-of-county warrant.

•Lacey Jean Hernandez, 28, DeFuniak Springs: out-of-state fugitive from justice.

David Edward Mayo, 39, Crestview: giving false identity to law enforcement officer.

Oct. 18

•Cordell Tahron Thomas, 27, Crestview: aggravated battery on pregnant victim and burglary with assault and battery.

•Francisco Vargas-Flores, 32, Destin: out-of-county warrant.

Oct. 19

•Gregorio Magdaleno Morejon, 70, Crestview: aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

Oct. 20

•Ralph William Packard, 39, Crestview: contempt of court.

•Berryman Obie Evans, 41, Laurel Hill: out-of-county warrant.

•Joanna Leigh Hutcheson, 35, Crestview out-of-county warrant.

•John Steven Smith, 30, Niceville: out-of-county warrant.