Have you ever had your means of communication interrupted?

Whether it was from a computer crash, a dead cell phone or an e-mail hack, it is unpleasant. You may feel that you have been left out in the cold, completely shut off from those around you.

Sometimes, we may feel that we are also shut out from God. You cannot feel His presence, cannot sense His touch. It seems that your prayers go no higher than the roof.

However, during these times, we must depend on our understanding that He will never leave us or forsake us. He has always proven to us that our loss of vision does not mean He doesn't care.

Perhaps we are doing things that cause our prayers to be hacked — sin, stubbornness, ignorance; all are often our go-to answer for unanswered prayers. However, daily life also can be a hacker. Monetary problems, sick children, difficult work and bad weather all can direct us away from precious time with the Father.

My friend, you will never be alone. You cannot shut God out, so why not open up the lines of communication?

Allow Him to get back in to contact with you. He is waiting. 

The Rev. Richard Helms serves at Miracle Acres Ministries, 3187 E. James Lee Blvd., in Crestview.