Editor's Note: Facebook fans had plenty to say about a man tossing bacon in a Muslim woman's grocery basket, Crestview's business codes, and Laurel Hill School's new mascot. Here are some of their comments.

Bacon-tossing incident 'disturbing'

What disturbs me is that he obviously had to notice you, decide to walk over to the meats, and then return, just to perform an act that obviously would do nothing but annoy or hurt the victim...

... I wouldn't worry about the kid (the son of the man who harassed the woman), either. The internet is pretty effective at crippling prejudices, so he's probably not going to be tossing pork at Muslims by the time he's an adult.

Dan Crow 


Islamophobia: 'What a mess'

As a former resident of Crestview, (who still calls) it home, I'm shocked. But, as a military spouse I realize how sheltered we are on the inside.

Inside the military, we don't see color, religion, age, etc. I'm so sorry this happened to (Yasmine Saunders).

I wish people would get it together. What a mess.

Sheri Blackley Frost 


Woman's reaction 'bold,' 'full of class'

Yasmin: As a Christian and as someone born and raised in Crestview, I apologize for this man's deplorable behavior. I'm so sorry your family was treated this way.

I'm glad you and your husband said something to him.

Confronting him and standing up to his childish act of hatred was not only bold, but full of class.

Cam Milligan Sasser 


Hub City needs city manager

Crestview desperately needs a city manager. Cut costs, be the liaison between all entities and pay for their position by saving money through proper oversight!

Ryan Mabry 


Hobo mascot proves limitless possibilities

Jessica Stokes is a great asset to the Laurel Hill community. She has really stepped up her game with this project.

It just goes to show with a big imagination and teamwork, anything is possible.

Kathy Moneypenny 

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