CRESTVIEW — A resident’s daily laps around the Twin Hills Park walking path were marred over Christmas when the men’s room he sometimes uses was unattended for several days.

“I washed my hands and there was no soap and no paper towels,” Brian Mason said. “And it looked like someone had projectile-vomited in the corner of the stall.”

Mason said he tried to call Parks and Recreation to report the bathroom’s condition but the office was closed for Christmas. By Monday afternoon, the restrooms had been cleaned and stocked.

Parks supervisor George Hillsman said his department will start a procedure to assure the park’s bathrooms are cleaned regularly.

“We were closed for four days,” Hillsman said. “Next time, we’ll have someone come in on their days off over the holidays and check on it.”

Mason said he was pleased to hear of the prompt response.

“I live next to the park. I go there every day,” he said. “I’m glad they’re addressing the issue.’

Hillsman said the bathrooms have been vandalized lately, including someone jimmying open the paper towel dispensers and stealing all the towels, and slicing off the rolls of toilet paper from the stalls.

Parks and Recreation is exploring options, including finding more secure equipment, better ways of securing it, or closing the bathrooms after hours.

“We would hate to have to do that because of all the people who use it,” Hillsman said.