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Crestview needs to welcome change

Quit focusing and wasting money on things of the past. Only folks who are 60 (and up) might remember the history of Crestview, and the younger generation could care less.

To the management of Crestucky: Wake up and smell the roses. Over 23,000 people live in Crestview — largest population in Okaloosa County.

It's time for change and not for a "Pettticoat Junction" atmosphere.

Arnie Hauger 


In support of tax increase

I support this increase to improve our city infrastructure. Our police department is one of the lowest paid, with the highest turnover in personnel everywhere. Academy grads come here, get a little experience and move on.

Crestview keeps growing; how does the infrastructure keep up?

Kurt Burgess 


Just a temporary solution

Implementing a new tax may fix the deficit temporarily, but the problem isn't resolved.

...Follow the money trail, cut unnecessary spending, and resolve in-house problems first by holding individuals responsible for money that disappears and isn't legitimately accounted for, regardless of their status in this city.

Crestview's population is only increasing in numbers, while businesses are prohibited from being developed. This city needs to expand its revenue in order to support our overgrown population.
Sabrina Knost 


About editor's Bill Myers column

Thank you for the 'right' words for this fine man — one I didn't even know, but respect for his courage and kindness his friends have expressed.

Mary Bell 


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