Mankind looks upon consistent performers favorably.

Think about it: Inconsistent financial performance makes people nervous. High school sports fans expect great games. A business that provides good service and has a steady stream of support attracts more customers.

Similarly, you cannot be inconsistent in your walk with God. It ruins your testimony when you incorrectly show your temper; when words from your mouth are not words you would speak in church. 

Being inconsistent does not draw men and women to Christ. You cannot represent life and spew death at the same time.

The Bible can help you in your daily walk. If you were following a road map — or a GPS on your phone — and it kept telling you the wrong way to go, you would soon discard it. 

To not stay steady before God is to give off a wrong direction to others, which could lead to their spiritual death. 

Consistent prayer, consistent reading and consistent worship are keys to a life fitting to be called as one of His. 

The Rev. Richard Helms serves at Miracle Acres Ministries, 3187 E. James Lee Blvd., in Crestview.