CRESTVIEW — During these uncertain times, local law enforcement officers can be sure of one thing: they have friends in Crestview.


As the nation debates relations between police officers and civilians, a number of residents throughout Crestview, Florida and the country are showing their support for those who protect and serve.

Many supporters now use the ‪BlueLivesMatter hashtag on social media like Facebook and Twitter to display solidarity with police officers and sheriff's deputies.

Other efforts — particularly in Countryview Estates in south Crestview — include tying blue ribbons around utility poles, stop signs, lamp posts and even pets to spread the message.

A San Antonio, Texas man painted a blue strip on the curb in front of his home and others, including some Crestview residents, plan to do the same.

Relations between civilians and police officers have been frosty in some locations throughout the country, particularly since last year.

Viral videos and widely shared stories of isolated incidents demonstrating perceived police brutality or injustice spurred riots and social media campaigns opposing all law enforcement.