Editor's Note: Our Facebook fans shared their thoughts on a number of issues. Today, we feature comments about these three stories: the Crestview City Council's decision to re-hire Ben Holley; Newman, Crestview Manor's death-predicting cat; and the city's decision to move Confederate Park to private property.

Questioning city attorney's pay

$3,500 a month?! There are people he will be serving who have less than $500 to get through a month — what a slap in the face this is.

Bonny Ann 


About Crestview Manor's death-predicting cat

Newman is a very beautiful cat. The Manor is lucky to have him.

I do believe cats comfort people when they are sick or near the end. My cat, Miss Lady, is always near me. When I was very sick last year, she stayed by my side.

I got her from S.O.C.K.S three years ago. Well, she picked me to be her owner/ caretaker, and has helped me through many tough times.

Jennifer Reynolds 


Cats have ulterior motives

Fact is, the cat is claiming you, waiting. Dogs will wait days and weeks without eating their dead owners, while a cat will start to nibble within 24 hours.

Troy Siron 

Confederate flag removal not trivial

This may seem like a trivial issue to some, but it is not. The City of Crestview made great strides (Monday) night toward growth and attractiveness of our city to new businesses; more residents. And with that will come traffic solutions and other growth management solutions. This was the right decision.

Erica Louise 


Flag decision was political

It only goes to show you what can happen when people don't know history and allow political agendas to govern their decision making.

AW Ratliff 


Majority wanted flag to stay so...

It's time we as the people make sure our elected officials reflect our own values and beliefs.

Dorrian Vance

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