CRESTVIEW — Children in Crisis has extra support for its programs benefiting at-risk children. Dunkin' Donuts and Purple Square Management  donated $2,909 to the nonprofit organization.

The funds were raised through a donation from sales transactions for a three-day period by stores located from Pensacola to Destin, including Crestview's location.

 “I can't thank the Dunkin' Donuts stores and staff enough for their wonderful support to CIC and our children," Ken Hair, CIC president and CEO, said. "We give a home, food, clothing and care for over 100 children each year and this donation will go a long way in keeping our dream alive."

The CIC Neighborhood in Fort Walton Beach provides emergency shelter for children removed from an unsafe environment on short notice, and offers housing to help with foster home shortage. 

Learn more at or call 864-4242.