CRESTVIEW — In a twist on the old saying, there was no need to bet that 7,680 donuts would raise a pile of dollars for Crestview High School's chorus Friday morning.

The annual fundraiser found 640 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts arrayed around the chorus room risers, raising almost $2,000 for the program, choral music Director Kevin Lusk said.

“I had a good group of parents come in to help me this year,” he said. “Normally it takes from 5 (a.m.) to 5:45-ish and I only get five minutes before students and parents start picking them up. This time we knocked it out fast. We were done by 5:25. It was awesome.”

The aroma of freshly baked donuts filled the chorus room as students and parents stepped around stacks of donut boxes searching for their batch to deliver.

“My mom walked in and she said, ‘So this is what donut day smells like,’” sophomore Evelynn Gibson said.

The chorus’ 115 students sold donuts all week, raising credits for their respective accounts that will be applied toward performance costumes and travel to out-of-town choral festivals and competitions, including a March festival in Hawaii.