Apparently, there is only one school in this town, because you did not put an article in the paper about the Shoal River and Davidson Middle School basketball game.

How come we see nothing on the Shoal River boys basketball team? They are 13-0 and have the best team in the county, but not one article on them. 

This team played in the Troy University tournament over the summer and came in second in their division, beating high school teams.

Coach Buckelew has his best team ever, but I see no recognition in the sports section.

It was an awesome game that deserved to be mentioned; I am totally disappointed in the lack of interest by this paper and its sports staff to give equal representation.

Also, did you know that most of the kids coming out of middle school sports in Crestview will not be attending high school here, but traveling down to Niceville or Fort Walton to attend their schools while living here?