When Okaloosa County Sheriff's deputies went to serve papers on a Laurel Hill man, they discovered a methamphetamines lab in his trailer, according to an arrest report.

On Dec. 7 two deputies delivered an ex partae order to 35-year-old Charles Wesley Kemp of Kemp Road in Laurel Hill. When they arrived they discovered the trailer did not have a door. 

"Inside the living room, a gallon-sized Zip Loc bag was observed tacked to the wall," the deputy wrote in the report. "The Zip Loc bag contained a clear, bi-layered liquid. A gallon-sized container of muriatic acid was observed underneath the Zip Loc bag."

Such chemicals are consistent with methamphetamines manufacturing.

Kemp walked into the living room with a loaded pistol tucked into his pants. They took away the gun and found a cut straw and prescription pill bottle containing meth in his shoe.

The deputies said that while they were in the trailer, they saw several soda bottles containing unknown liquids. The trailer was smoky inside, and their eyes were burning. They also reported a strong odor of solvents, consistent with a meth lab.

The county's Multi-Agency Drug Task Force arrived and found precursor chemicals for the manufacture of meth, along with 100 grams of suspected meth oil. 

Kemp was charged with trafficking. His court date is Jan. 29.