As we reflect on the Christmas season, consider these awesome truths.

First, God knows us and we are important to him. Remember, God announced His son’s birth to shepherds.

Shepherds were at the social strata’s opposite end from King Herod and influential people. They lived in fields with their animals. Still, God’s angel came to them and said, “Unto you is born this day in the city of David a savior who is Christ, the Lord.”

Throughout scripture, we see God honoring and using people and things that the world often overlooks. You may not be a rich corporation president, a political leader or an accomplished athlete. But God announced the savior’s coming to people like you and me.

Second, our lives matter because God loves us.

Imagine those shepherds sitting around the campfire after God’s announcement. Perhaps they were thinking, “What difference does it make if we watch the sheep or not?”

Sometimes, you may think, “What difference does it make if I get up every morning or not? My life is like an endless cycle of things that don’t mean anything.”

But God made His announcement to the shepherds. He was saying to them and to us, “Your life is worthwhile. It is my gift to you. Therefore, live every golden moment of it because your life does matter to me.”

It is impossible to live, even for a few days, and not influence someone. Therefore, we are important to God. And He loves us.

Third, our faith matters too.

Shepherds were men of faith. They looked for a messiah who would deliver them from poverty, enslavement and exile. When things got tough, they would think about God’s promise that one day a savior would come.

But on that very special day, while they were tending to their daily chores, God came because He loved them so much that He fulfilled His promise.

As we get involved so deeply in life that we wonder if there is a point, God says, “I know you and I love you; your life matters to me, and I want you to trust me. I will be your friend and your Savior.”

And, if we will, he will.

Eugene Strickland is the Okaloosa Baptist Association’s missions director.