Children's minds are like sponges. I take my kids to see R-rated movies all the time. But they aren't small or young kids.

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Children's minds are like sponges

I take my kids to see R-rated movies all the time. But they aren't small or young kids.

While I agree it's up to the parent to decide to bring their young kids, I also believe a parent should use good judgment. Most movies have numerous trailers available to view. Simply ... Google the movie name.

Remember, fight scenes and sex scenes are much more graphic and intense on a large screen. Decide if you really want your kids ... to see blood squirting from gaping wounds that are 10 feet tall.

Children are like sponges and natural parrots. You might just get some pretend play at home you will need to explain about to shocked friends and families.

Do what you like as parents, but keep the mind of your kids as innocent as you can for as long as you can.

Dawn Madrell Wamsley

Crestview is full of traffic

If you sit in traffic, you will see the traffic flows through town ... all the way to Lake Silver Road. Look at I-110 in Pensacola. It flows to 98 with exits and on ramps to disperse traffic where it needs to go. Not hard to see the city is full!

Scott Howard

Motion Picture Association's ratings mean something

It's rated R for a reason. Parents should use better judgment and maybe save the R-rated movies for date night, or wait until (such a movie is) on DVD and screen it before allowing your children to watch.

Julie Witherow

Letter to the editor reminds parent of similar incident

I was thinking the same as the writer when I was at a showing of "Watchmen" and several parents seemed stunned at how graphic that cartoon (rated R) was.

Stephanie Rousset

Billboards compromise Crestview's beauty

What is up with all the billboards now? They put one at Sorabal and by the BP and also next to Sonic. Come on, Crestview, they ... take away what little beauty this city has.

Scott Zamorski

A suggestion for Coney Island's retiring griddle

We need to take up a collection and have it cast in bronze.

Tyler Peaden

Fond memories of downtown restaurant

I can remember when hotdogs were "eight fer a dollar" and hamburgers were "five fer a dollar." Mrs. Edge's famous words (were) "What fer you?"

Ronnie Moore

Praise for North Okaloosa arts guild's revival

Only through the good nature of the local artist can these kinds of activities prosper.

Carolyn Stewart