Teen shooting wasn't accidental

No such thing as an accidental discharge. Negligent discharge.

Jamie Parkin

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Teen shooting wasn't accidental

No such thing as an accidental discharge. Negligent discharge.

Jamie Parkin

MLK poster on Confederate flag a misguided protest

As a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, I am embarrassed at the misuse of Dr. King's image.

He was, in my eyes, a hero just like the brave men who fought and bled for that flag. His actions, like the Confederate soldiers, were vilified by some in their own time, but history has come to show that the cause was just.

It is only sad that someone thought this was an act of protest...

The battle flag of the (Army of Northern Virginia) has been misused by the Ku Klux Klan, neo-Nazis and other hate groups. It has caused those of us who revere the flag, and the soldiers who followed this brave banner, to try to educate those that would disparage the flag for the actions of the people who misused it.

I, in no way, defend atrocities committed by those (people). What they have done has desecrated a flag that is worthy of nothing but honor as a symbol of men struggling to preserve a representative republic which their fathers and grandfathers risked all to found 80 years before.

David Maddex

Crestview's animal control ordinance should allow chickens

(Many) communities are now allowing homeowners to own a few chickens for eggs and pest control. I'm not talking about roosters which wake you, but hens who don't crow. I wrote (a city council member) and didn't even get a reply on this issue. Very disappointed!

Silvia Clem Womack

Grave vandals cross a line

Is this yet another grave (theft)? I don't care if you're a punk prankster. You're crossing the line here.

Jon Bell

Enjoyed News Bulletin's storm recap video

I drove up to Crestview on Wednesday from Fort Pierce to find glistening trees, sparkling grass and sheer shine within your town. Your video captured it. You did miss the lengthily delays on Route 90, but I didn't. And actually enjoyed seeing that part of the state. Nice video.

Anne Dougherty Thompson

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