Featured comments from our discussion at facebook.com/crestview.bulletin

Featured comments from our discussion at facebook.com/crestview.bulletin

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Residents should receive Gulf Power refund

If it's an overpayment, as a taxpayer, I overpaid. I personally would like to be refunded.

This is not money that just appeared out of nowhere to pay an outrageous overcharge, if it was our city tax money that paid this. We taxpayers paid this.

Wendy Falcone Jenkins

Common Core State Standards require too much

It's crazy what they expect a kindergartner to do. I'm pretty sure I would have been out in a special class.

Don Holloway

Okaloosa School District buses need seatbelts

Instead of cameras they need to put seatbelts on buses. We have to have them in cars, so why not buses?

Joyce Dieppa

Cameras can prevent zero-tolerance injustice

On the buses, especially the most problematic buses, cameras would be helpful and (prevent) ... a victim of bullying situations from getting expelled ... for being a part of a "zero tolerance" situation when they are not at fault!

Serena Marie Cameras

School buses need A/C

As hot as it gets here, we need air conditioned buses for these kids and drivers ... When a child or even a driver passes out from the heat and wrecks the bus, then everyone is going to complain about no A/C.

Denise Eanes Izumi

Pull over, show respect for the dead

A few weeks ago, when we laid my grandmother to rest, quite a few cars in too big of a hurry to just stop and pay respect to a family kept riding right along.

It's rude when everyone else is stopped and there's a handful of people just driving along ... and a funeral is in session.

But people are different these days. A lot are not taught to be respectful.

Carrie Martin

Grandmother sets respectful example

My two grandchildren 6 and 7 years old were riding with me and we saw the funeral procession on Highway 90 and I pulled over and turned my headlights on.

My 7-year-old grandson said, "Good grandma; that's showing respect for the family." I was so proud of him.

Theresa Burns Herndon

Pulling over is a strong Southern tradition

I always pull over to show respect, and have taught my daughters to do the same. My family from the North were so touched and utterly amazed when they experienced this for our aunt who passed away years ago. A strong Southern tradition.

Cathrin Owens

Geese should leave Twin Hills Park

So ... when I lived in (Crestview) I used to walk and jog here three to five times per week. The geese do attack without being provoked, and something should be done for the sake of the animals.

It is a human public park that these geese were never naturally a part of to begin with. Let them live in a natural setting.

So glad I have better places to roam now. Wish the geese did as well.

Alice Sosinsky

Geese should stay at Twin Hills Park

There are plenty of people who enjoy the geese and their crazy noises. One person should never decide for thousands of others. Sorry, but the geese are staying!

Ember Knoblauch

Geese gone wild ..... Oh wait they are wild.

Esteban Joel Ruiz

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