Here are featured readers' comments from and our Facebook page. Hubbub publishes regularly in the News Bulletin's Wednesday editions.

Here are featured readers' comments from and our Facebook page. Hubbub publishes regularly in the News Bulletin's Wednesday editions.

TOP COMMENT: Traffic solutions usually are costly

The only true way to alleviate traffic is to build the on-off ramp at the PJ Adams overpass, and also east of Crestview connecting with Airman's Memorial. Airman's Memorial should also be finished and connected with Okaloosa Lane via an overpass, with a straight shot to (Highway) 90. This would create a way for folks to go from west to east of Crestview, bypassing all the local roads via I-10.

...Ideally, a bypass would be constructed on Eglin property, via Colonel Greg Malloy Road and Rattlesnake Bluff Road, that would not only connect with I-10 but would completely bypass Crestview, going to far west 90 and far east 90. If that were done, it would easily eliminate another 30 percent of traffic on 85.

...Another thing I want to add is that one of the reasons this, and so many other things do not get built is not due to the city, but due to private land owners who refuse to sell their land; or, if they do want to sell, asking a ridiculous price far above market value, which causes businesses to leave.

There are solutions; unfortunately, the right solutions are usually not the cheapest.

Jonah Irvington

Exit off Highway 90 needed

I still think there should be an exit off of Highway 90 that will come out near Highway 393. Highway 393 is the only road connecting Highways 90 and 85. It would be great not only for those who live east of Crestview and work in the Fort Walton area, but (would serve as) a great hurricane evacuation route as well.

Amanda Hilton Colonna

Improve city with nicer establishments

Crestview needs to get with the ... times already. Build something other than another gun shop or ... place no one needs. Here's a thought: Target. Buffalo Wild Wings. Anything! Please!

Krystal burger is the best we can do?

If you would allow these nicer establishments in, you would employ thousands of people, thus improving your city as a whole.

Scott Harris

Anticipating Bulldog wrestling program's future

Coach Black is an awesome coach to these boys he is someone they look up to. He has really done something with this program, and we can't wait to see where it goes in the years ahead. They all make a great team! Go get 'em, Dawgs!

Kim Lennard Johnson

Youth wrestling program needed

I wish they would get a youth wresting program going here again! I hate having to drive my son to Niceville to wrestle. He wants to be a Bulldog!

Marci Robertson Houser


Kudos to Crestview High for caring about grammar

So glad there is a school district that actually cares about spelling and grammar. Great job, Julianne.

Ginni Dan Cronin

Additions for Crestview High's "Unforgivables" list

If these are not already on the list, "then" and "than" should be added as well. I see this mistake far too often, and that includes in professional news articles.

Katie Enterkin

Geese should 'do business' elsewhere

I don't believe in animal cruelty. But I feel they need to get the geese out of the park.

I took my grandchildren there to "feed the ducks" once and was horrified at the behavior of the geese. As a matter of fact, I felt like my grandchildren and myself witnessed vile animal behavior. The male duck violently did his business with several other geese in a very violent manner. It was very traumatizing to my babies and we left upset.

However, I would never consider abusing them. They just need to be re-located to a wildlife area.

Sandy S. Davidson

Proposed hunting law revisions perplexing

So do I stop the buck before or after I want to shoot him to check his antlers against these new (regulations)?

These aren't fish ... there's no catch and release here.

Jon Bell

Replace pines with flowering trees

Join the Arbor Day Foundation and get those beautiful trees! Much better than those ... pine trees that grow everywhere.
Give the birds a beautiful home supplied with food!

Rose Casey

Top 10 list was missing something

Maybe you should have had an honorable mention for the 60 senior citizens whose lives were touched when they received two Safe Step walk-in tubs and toilet paper for life ...

It was a heartwarming story of people who cared and reached out to help those who needed help. Seeing the tears of joy and the happy faces during the presentation makes this story, to me, a top 10 story without a doubt.

But we'll settle for at least an honorable mention.

Shirley Perring

An answer to Laurel Hill columnist's question

My husband says if he knew he only had three weeks left to live he would quit his job and move in with his mother-in-law. Not only would it be the longest three weeks of his life, but he would be relieved when it was over.

Angie Stevenson Nousiainen

'Great' to see Dozer giving pleasure

How great to see this magnificent Great Dane interacting so much with the community in many ways and giving pleasure to so many people! Kudos to Angie and her therapy dog, Dozer.

Rosemary Meding

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