Be honest: How many of you have already broken every New Year's resolution on your list?

Be honest: How many of you have already broken every New Year's resolution on your list?

Let's face it, these ambitious commitments are difficult to keep, so resolutions in my home are a bit more down-to-earth. They're more like recognition of timeless truths.

For example, I have learned that we don't succeed in spite of our challenges but rather because of them. So I use every challenge or mistake as a learning experience and try to make the best of every situation.

Everyone has problems, but how you choose to deal with those problems is what matters. Some people choose to be whiners; others winners. Then there are the victims or victors.

Life is made up of choices and perceptions. You choose to succeed or fail. No one can control your life unless you give it to them.

Of course, the greatest shackles we bear are those forged by our fears. So many people regret never trying to achieve something they believed was impossible.

Even worse, some people let grudges and resentment captivate the better parts of their lives.

To what end?

Hate, resentment and anger are parasites that feed off the heart until thereís nothing left for love to live on. And life is too short to waste time on petty disagreements and differences.

Now is the perfect time to change what you donít like in your life.

Donít waste one more moment being unhappy. We hold the key that unlocks our door of success. Be happy with what you have; if that doesn't work, try looking at things from a different angle.

Some look at the glass as half-full. Others see it as half-empty. Me? I'm just happy for the glass!

Amber Kelley lives in Laurel Hill. Send news or comments to or P.O. Box 163, Laurel Hill, FL, 32567.