Does the confederate flag represent Crestview?

Dear editor,

Does the confederate flag represent Crestview?

I understand why some individuals think the flag represents their history, but consider how this flag has affected those of color in this region and nearby.

To me, as a black man, this flag represents hatred of a people, and it not only flies in the middle of my city for everyone to see, but it is also across the street from a motorcycle shop called Hangman.

Does anyone else notice this? I go by this scene every day and look in disgust. New residents may not even realize the flag stands at a memorial for soldier William Lundy.

Lundy deserves a memorial, possibly beside his grave but please, not so blunt and in our faces.

I understand why all these people are fighting for his flag to stay, but does a majority know Mr. Lundy's history, or do they just know he died in Crestview?

Should Black Panthers who were from here have a memorial next to his? Should Indians that we took Crestview from have a bigger memorial? 

I'd like to think we don't have racism here. That we don't need a reminder of when my ancestors were slaves during a war in which the South fought to keep us as slaves. 

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