The Crestview Police Department and Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office provided the following crime reports for publication.

IThe Crestview Police Department and Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office provided the following crime reports for publication.

Sept. 9

•Ronald Lee Lawson, 36, Crestview: battery.

•Alaric Lane Laughlin, 35, DeFuniak Springs: failure to return rented personal property, more than $300.

Sept. 10

•Troy Edlow Day Jr., 47, Baker: retail theft.

Sept. 11

•Amanda Marie George, 24, Crestview: battery.

•Taisha Nicole Harris, 34, Crestview: driving with suspended license.

•John Brady Polk, 42, Crestview: out-of-county warrant.

•Roderica Ann Shauna Smart, 39, Crestview: out-of-county warrant.

Sept. 12

•Carly Elizabeth Palucci, 24, Crestview: methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia possessions.

•Bobby Wynde Cox, 35, Crestview: grand theft auto.

Sept. 13

Randy Lee Feathers, 23, Crestview: open house party.

Sept. 14

•Dennis Lamar Edge, 58, Crestview: criminal mischief, $200-$1,000.

•George L. Gillett Jr., 31, Crestview: disorderly intoxication.

Sept. 15

•Lana Jeen'a Blair, 21, Crestview: aggravated battery; leaving the scene of a crash involving injury; smuggling contraband into a detention facility; and cocaine possession.

•Amber Leigh White, 25, Crestview: criminal mischief, $200 to $1,000; battery.

•Michael Aaron Stephens, 19, Crestview: methamphetamine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia possession.

Sept. 17

•Mindy R. Taylor, 22, Crestview: battery.

•Xavier Rokeist Baker, 22, Crestview: robbery without a weapon.

Sept. 18

•Sherise La Bashia Hennessy, 20, Crestview: aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, intentional child abuse and criminal mischief, $200 to $1,000.

•Kerrie Ann Lowry, 37, Crestview: violation of pretrial release.

Sept. 20

•Robert Malcolm Johnson, 22, Crestview: habitual driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Sept. 22

•Clarence Lee Robbins, 25, at large: retail theft.

Sept. 23

•Thomas D. Robinson Jr., 25, Crestview: violation of probation.

Sept. 24

•Kenneth Michael Lowery, 45, at large: battery.

•Casey A. Jones, 18, at large, Crestview: marijuana possession with intent to distribute.

•Harley J. Degues, 19, Crestview: marijuana possession.

Sept. 25

•Demetrius Antoine Ferguson, 25, Crestview: battery and resisting arrest without violence.

•Michelle Ann Patriquin, 54, Crestview: fugitive from justice.

•Charles H. Coleman II, 32, at large: robbery by sudden snatching.

•Thomas Robert Meeks, 26, Crestview: contempt of court.

Sept. 26

•Christopher Hagen, 32, Crestview: retail theft.

•Jacquelyn Blue Bond, 18, Crestview: marijuana possession.

Sept. 27

•Matthew Steven Gray, 34, Crestview: battery, aggravated assault with a weapon and false imprisonment.

•Shaheem James King, 23, at large; trespassing and resisting an officer without violence.

Sept. 28

•Kyle Allen Dowell, 40, Crestview: grand theft.

•John Duwayne Beagles, 48, Crestview: trespassing and battery on law enforcement officer.

•Regina Diane Henson, 43, Crestview: acetaminophen/hydrocodone possession.

•Saylor M. Arnett, 29, Crestview: battery.

Sept. 29

•Tina Marie Roberts, 42, Crestview: retail theft.

•Patrick Henry Joseph Lomprez Jr., 26, Crestview: battery.

•Jeremy D. Baughn, 37, Crestview: battery.

•Michael Deshawn Thompson, 23, El Paso, Texas: retail theft, more than $300.

Sept. 30

•Michelle Clipper Lundy, 73, Baker: illegal use of a credit card twice or more in less than 6 months.

•Rickey Shane Lundy, 43, Baker:  principle to illegal use of a credit card twice or more in less than 6 months.


Sept. 25

•Austin Ryan Armstrong, 18, Crestview: driver's license restriction violation.

•Casey Diane Boles, 39, Crestview: driving with suspended license.

•Donald Vernon Kelley, 59, Crestview: contempt of court and violation of domestic violence protection injunction.

•Thomas Joseph Matthews, 24, Holt; property damage, $200-$1,000.

Sept. 26

•Michael Joseph Barbiero, 58, Crestview; violating driver's license restrictions.

Sept. 27

•Brian Lee Brown, 32, Baker: driving with suspended license and felony probation violation.

•Michelle Lee Ennis, 39, Freeport: out-of-county warrant.

•Danny Ray Smith, 38, Laurel Hill: larceny totaling $300-$5,000 and passing a forged instrument.

•Edward William Wallace, 52, Laurel Hill: driving with a suspended license.

Sept. 28

•Janice Mary Booker, 29, Crestview: fugitive from justice.

•Erica Miechelle McQueen, 29, Crestview: battery.

•Raymond Edward Spurlock, 35, Crestview: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Sept. 29

•Leanna Kimberly Cummins, 35, Crestview: child neglect without great bodily harm.

•Cory Eben Perron, 32, Baker: battery.

Sept. 30

•Christa Parker Gibson, 37, Crestview: two counts of aggravated battery.

Oct. 1

•Tabitha Ann Benton, 27, Crestview: driving with suspended or revoked license.