CRESTVIEW — Television and film star Kirk Cameron will be the keynote speaker at "Love Worth Fighting For" on Saturday at Central Baptist Church.

CRESTVIEW — Television and film star Kirk Cameron will be the keynote speaker at "Love Worth Fighting For" on Saturday at Central Baptist Church.

Cameron — who portrayed Mike Seaver on TV’s "Growing Pains" and starred in faith-based filmssuch as the "Left Behind" series and "Fireproof” — joins musical guest Warren Barfield, singer of “Love is Not a Fight” and other hit contemporary Christian songs, for the event.

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Central Baptist Pastor Paul Mixon said he hopes the event will inspire couples to strengthen their marriages.

"Divorce has become such an easy out for married folks in our society that hosting an event like this should speak directly to the hearts of the attendees to help them see God’s plan for marriage as a lifelong covenant," Mixon said.   

"(Our church) will be starting a marriage mentor program designed to link couples together using love, accountability and conflict resolution methods," he said.

Want to go?
WHAT: "Love Worth Fighting For"
WHEN: 6 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21
WHERE: Central Baptist Church, 951 S. Ferdon Blvd.
COST:  general admission (per person), $22.50; $25 at door; VIP, $35; and groups of 10 or more, $20 per person
ORDER: Tickets are available at or 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday at the church front office.

Q&A with Kirk Cameron

How did the Love Worth Fighting For tour come about?

LWFF started as a one-time event in Knoxville, Tenn., in July of 2009, put on by Feed Your Faith Ministries. The response was incredible and the emails about strengthened marriages just kept pouring in, so we decided to try to put the event together in multiple cities to reach out to the community and share the message that marriages are worth fighting for!

We are now in our fourth year and have presented more than 120 of these events all over the country.

What should attendees expect?

We want people to leave with hope. Some of the (married couples who) walk through the doors are great and, for those, the LWFF event is a fun date night with stories, worship and time together.

For others, this may be a last ditch effort before calling it quits. For still others, they may be engaged or newly married and they want to builda strong marriage that will last. 

Our prayer is thateveryone who attends takes something away from the event that strengthens their marriage.

Is there anything else we should know?

Just that LWFF is for everyone. Whether your relationship is fantastic and going strong or just hanging by a thread, there is something for everyone.

Warren Barfield is an amazing musician and extremely humorous ... sharing personal stories from his own marriage that will have you laughing while really hitting home how the little snowflakes can build into an avalanche — if we let them build.

Our prayer is that not only will we strengthen marriages, but that we are affecting family trees.

What is your view on marriage in 2013?

Marriage is a struggle for everyone, whether Christian or not. The divorce rates are high across the board. Families are being impacted by separations.

Our goal is to help show that God has a plan to strengthen and heal marriages.

How can couples maintain a healthy relationship?

Like everything in life that we want to excel at, whether it's work, sports or relationships, it takes time and effort.

The best performers at work, the professional athletes and the people with strong marriages didn't just stumble into being "the best.” They worked really hard to get where they are.

Take time to be together and learn about your spouse. What are their likes and dislikes? Put in the effort to make your relationship great!

Besides this tour, what have you been up to these days?

It is a very exciting time right now, as I have a new movie being released ... on Sept. 24 .

You know, it's easy to get excited about your faith when things are going well in your life. But when your whole world comes crashing down on you, the questions start: 'Where is God when I need him most?’ ‘Why do bad things happen to good people?'

“Unstoppable” is a journey, based on a true story, that has become the most personal and transparent project I have ever made regarding my faith.