CRESTVIEW — The next meeting of the Crestview City Council is 6 p.m. Aug. 12, 198 N. Wilson St., Crestview.

CRESTVIEW — The next meeting of the Crestview City Council is 6 p.m. Aug. 12, 198 N. Wilson St., Crestview.

Agenda items are listed below.

1. Approval of Consent Agenda:

a. Approval of the minutes from the July 22 workshop and council meeting.

b. Approval of $4,440.56 invoice for professional services. Requested by Allen, Norton & Blue, P.A.

c. Approval of Site construction plans for Crestview Commons, a new commercial mobile food vendors center on a .057 acre parcel next to 113 N. Main Street, PIN No. 17-3N-23-2490-0009-052A. Requested by Kermit George, P.E., Engineer. LPA 152-16

d. Approval of site construction plans and elevations for a 17,600-square-foot new commercial building with 11,600 square feet in retail space and 6,000 square feet in restaurant space. Location is a 2.95±-acre parcel at the Ferdon Blvd. South, and Redstone Avenue West, PIN No. 29-3N-23-0000-0013-0000. Requested by Mark Siner, P.E., of Choctaw Engineering, Inc. LPA 13-19.

e. Approval of site construction plans for Gulf Power Company, Inc.'s proposed new 6,417-square-foot office building, a new 10,000-square-foot covered parking area, new storm water management system and relocation of the fueling station. Location of the project is a 1.4±acre portion of the 20±acres parcel at 1655 S. Ferdon Blvd.,PIN No. 20-3N-23-0000-0124-0000 and 20-3N-23-0000-0118-0000. Ashley Jansen, of the Gulf Power Company, Inc., is the agent for the property owner. LPA 13-20.

f. Approval of site construction plans and elevations for a change of occupancy for the Judge Ben Gordon Family Visitation Center, Inc. Location of the project is a 0.40±acre parcel at 618 Seventh Ave., PIN No. 08-3N-23-1370-0003-0050. The existing 1715-square-foot building will require some moderate remodeling, with the majority of the work being done on site. Randy Hilburn, PE, of Westerra Development, Inc., is the Agent for the property owner. LPA 13-21

g. Approval of site construction plans for The Crestview Manor, Inc. proposed new parking lot on their parcel located at 1849 E. 1st Ave., PIN No. 16-3N-23-0000-0004-0000. Mark Siner, P.E. of Choctaw Engineering, Inc. is the engineer. LPA 13-22.

2. Public hearing:

a. Ordinance 1496 – An ordinance annexing the 4.78 acre enclave parcel lying north of the current Gulf Power office, south of Aplin Road and east of Ferdon Blvd. Requested by Gulf Power Company, property owner, by Michael L. Burroughs, vice president. LPA 13-15.

3. Citizen business:

a. Crestview Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) – Mark Brown.

b. Tax Increment Financing district, or TIF – Mike Chesser.

4. New business:

a. Ordinance 1499 - General retirement plan first reading and Ordinance 1500 - Police and Fire Retirement first reading.

b. Ordinance 1497 – An ordinance annexing 1.38 acres located on E. James Lee Blvd., PIN 16-3N-23-0000-0039-0010. Requested by Teramore Development, LLC, property owner, by Josh Hufstetler, vice president; Represented by Jennifer Bell, project engineer, LPA 13-16. Together with request for scheduling workshop and public hearing for ordinance 1497 – Admin Services.

c. Review request letter from N. Ferdon Development LLC, property owner, by Reed Nelson, managing member, for the reduction of water and sewer rates from out-of-city rates to in-city rates in conjunction with the annexation of the future Taco Bell Site on N. Ferdon Blvd.

d. Approval of bid recommendation for solid waste removal – City Clerk.

e. Safer Grant II – Chief Traylor.

f. Redistribution of reimbursement funds - Chief Taylor

g. Realignment of Clerk/ Finance office - City Clerk

5. Mayoral report.

6. Business from the floor.

a. Yellow card submissions.

b. Impromptu yellow card discussions.

7. Adjournment.

*Note: "Citizen Business" is business that was submitted by a citizen or group of citizens no later than the Wednesday prior to the meeting to the Clerk's office for approval. Supporting documents must be submitted at this time to be on the regular agenda.

"New Business" is for staff and elected officials only, and must be submitted for approval no later than the Friday one week prior to the meeting.

Those not listed on the regular agenda who wish to address the council should fill out a yellow card, which must be submitted to the City Clerk.

Speaking time is five minutes or less. Large groups may designate a spokesperson. All remarks should be addressed to the council as a whole and not to individual members. All meeting procedures are outlined in the Meeting Rules and Procedures brochure available outside the chambers.

Crestview Community Redevelopment Agency agenda

The next CRA meeting is 5 p.m. Aug. 12 at 198 N. Wilson St., Crestview.

The agenda is listed below.

1. Approval of the July 8 CRA meeting minutes.

2. Discuss budget items – Main Street Crestview Association.

3. Request to pay invoices for portable toilets provided for downtown events.

4. Any other items as deemed necessary by the CRA Board.