CRESTVIEW — Mosaic Church’s military wives can count on others while their husbands serve overseas.

CRESTVIEW — Mosaic Church’s military wives can count on others while their husbands serve overseas.

The church’s Military Wives Network assists busy spouses with yard work, automotive repairs or other everyday tasks.

Regardless of the service needed, the church finds members who can help 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) members, nearly 70 percent of whom comprise the congregation, women's ministry leader Christie Ross said.

"Most are (military wives) at home without their husbands and they were looking for a church," she said. "They come here."

If a military spouse has car trouble, Ross links her with a trusted mechanic; the service particularly helps while husbands are away, Julie Drost, a mother of four, said.

"We wives have a real issue with getting ripped off ... with car maintenance," she said.

 The network also offers moral support.

"One of the things the guys are really concerned about is that their wives are going to be lonely or just sitting in their homes by themselves," Julie said. "We try to make it a point to reach out to new members and let them know (for instance) when we are going to the park."

Mom’s Night Out, a free, three-hour childcare service on the first Friday each month, allows mothers to run errands or enjoy free time.

Drost, who moved to Crestview from Fort Bragg, N.C., has called the church and its services a "blessing."

Her husband, Josh, agreed.

"When you’re deployed, you are always worried about your family," he said. "Just knowing that someone can take care of my house ... is a big stress relief."

Josh, a 7th Special Forces engineer sergeant, hascompleted several deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Soon, he will train in Costa Rica and North Carolina.

When that time comes, he and Julie can speak about more important things on the phone.

"We're not talking about what's getting done at the house," Josh said. "We're talking about how much we love each other."   


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