CRESTVIEW —The Crestview City Council will meet at 6 p.m. March 11 at City Hall, Wilson Street.

CRESTVIEW —The Crestview City Council will meet at 6 p.m. March 11 at City Hall, Wilson Street.

The meeting will be preceded by a 5 p.m. workshop with the following agenda:

1. Gulf Power building.

2. Allowable pets within the city limits.

3. Friends of the Arts.

4. Any other items that may need to be discussed.


1. Consent Agenda approval.

a. Feb. 25 workshop and council meeting minutes. approval.

b. Approval of site construction plans for a new commercial subdivision. Location of the project is a 1.85± acre parcel on Live Oak Church Road. Requested by Kermit George, PE, Paul Cassady, and property owner.

c. Acceptance of low pressure sanitary sewer easement for individual sewer lift station and connection piping on Lot 13, Block D, in the Northview Estates seventh division. Property owners: Calvin and Kimberly Wiseman. Requested by Public Services.

d. DRC Emergency Services contract extension – Public Services.

e. Uniform lease contract – Public Services.

f. Emergency generator service contract – Public Services.

2. Citizens business (see note below):

a. Request for City support for  Relay for Life at the Old Spanish Trail Park – Megan Bowersox, American Cancer Society.

b. Staff recognition – Phyllis Enzor.

3. New business:

a. Ordinance No. 1492 - rezoning of Parcel No. 17-3N-23-2490-0009-052A, being 0.06 acre, commonly known as the North 25 feet of Lot 52, Block 9, of the Town of Crestview. Requested by Crestview Property Services, LLC, Charles L. Batson, managing member. First Reading - Administrative Services.

b. Ordinance No. 1493 - rezoning of Parcel No. 27-3N-23-0000-0010-0010, being 135.75 acres, commonly known as the proposed Redstone Commons subdivision, at the intersection of Okaloosa Lane and Redstone Avenue East Extension. Requested by D. R. Horton, Inc., property owners. First Reading - Administrative Services.

c. Ordinance No. 1494 - rezoning of Parcels Nos. 22-3N-23-0000-0066-0000 and 27-3N-23-0000-0010-0010, being 66.39 acres and 10.95 acres, respectively, commonly known Shoal River Middle School and Riverside Elementary Schools, located at the intersection of Okaloosa Lane and Redstone Avenue East Extension. Requested by School Board of Okaloosa County, property owners. First Reading - Administrative Services.

d. Request for Workshop for Ordinances 1492, 1493 and 1494 to be set for the March 25 council meeting, and second reading — public hearing to be set for the April 8 council meeting.

e. Crestview Family Entertainment Center– Councilman Iannucci.

f. Resolution 13-02, which supports a change to the Appointment of Trauma Centers within Trauma Service Area 1, allowing for the addition of an Okaloosa County Trauma Center – Mayor Cadle.

g. Historic Preservation Board appointment – Councilman Baugh.

h. Code Enforcement Board appointment – Councilman Grandberry.

4. Mayoral report.

5. Business from the floor.

a. Yellow card submissions.

b. Impromptu yellow card discussions.

6. Adjournment.

Note: Citizen business is business submitted to the City Clerk's office for approval no later than the Wednesday prior to the council meeting by a citizen or group of citizens. Supporting documents must be submitted at this time to be on the regular agenda.

All new business is for staff and elected officials only, and must be submitted for approval no later than the Friday one week prior to the council meeting.

Those not listed on the regular agenda who wish to address the council should fill out a yellow card and submit it to the City Clerk. Speaking time should be five minutes or less, and large groups may designate a spokesperson. All remarks should be addressed to the council as a whole and not to individual members. All meeting procedures are outlined in the Meeting Rules and Procedures brochure available outside the chamber meeting room.