• Crestview freshmen beat the heat during conditioning (VIDEO)

    CRESTVIEW — One day, Crestview High School's 45 or so aspiring freshman football players might be thankful for Tuesday’s hot workout. One day, those baby Bulldogs will appreciate the conditioning needed to compete at Florida's big-school level. READ MORE

  • Crestview baseball's 'heart and soul'

    CRESTVIEW — Anita and Ronnie Richards have faithfully volunteered with Crestview High School's baseball for more than two decades. And the past 20 years, they have scheduled a few days in early June to help with their mission of love: The Justin Richards Scholarship Baseball Tournament. The event commemorates their oldest son, Justin, who died in a Jan. 20, 1996 car wreck after taking part in a doughnut sale benefiting Crestview's baseball team. READ MORE

  • Crestview makes history in 20th Justin Richards Tournament (PHOTOS)

    CRESTVIEW — It was a championship game 20 years in the making Saturday at the Justin Richards Scholarship Baseball Tournament. Just what was the game of historic proportions? READ MORE

  • Crestview cranks it up at Justin Richards (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

    CRESTVIEW — Day two of the Justin Richards Scholarship Baseball Tournament on Friday started and ended just as the first day of the tournament, with Crestview High School wins. “The kids have really played well and that’s a testament to them,” Crestview Coach Tim Gillis said. “They really understand if you are efficient on the mound and play good defense you have a chance. I’m really proud of both teams.” READ MORE

  • Dean eyes future after leading NWFSC baseball team to first national championship

    CRESTVIEW — A few days ago a relaxed Dakota Dean plopped on a soft sofa in the Crestview High School baseball team’s clubhouse. The 2013 CHS graduate was back home after helping to lead Northwest Florida State College's baseball team to its first national championship at the May 30 Junior College World Series in Grand Junction, Colo. READ MORE

  • Big day for Crestview at Justin Richards tournament (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

    CRESTVIEW— A warm late spring day was a perfect setting for Thursday’s opening day of the 20th Annual Justin Richards Scholarship Baseball Tournament. If Richards was catching the action from Heaven’s grandstands the former Bulldog infielder had plenty to smile about. A Crestview team split into two squads showed no signs of depleted manpower. READ MORE

  • Crestview area kids learn 'awesome' tips at basketball camp (PHOTOS)

    CRESTVIEW — Aaliyah Riley can't pick just one thing she loves about basketball. READ MORE

  • Crestview restaurant welcomes Bulldog baseball players for fundraiser

    CRESTVIEW — A fundraiser's proceeds may fall short of the Crestview High School baseball team's $1,000 goal, but any amount helps the program, Coach Tim Gillis said. READ MORE

  • AAU football might be coming to Crestview

    CRESTVIEW — George Soliz loves football so much that he’s trying to start a 13- to 14-year-old Amateur Athletic Union team in Crestview. It’s not that Soliz thinks local middle school programs are suffering. He just wants to give kids more opportunities to play football. “There is no competition with the schools,” he said. “They come first. They have great programs." READ MORE

  • Crestview baseball camp is a big hit (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

    CRESTVIEW — For baseball protégés attending the Crestview Bulldog Youth Baseball Camp, the high school's field is paradise. This week, boys and girls ages 4-13 can swing the bat, run bases and throw the ball as they learn the fundamentals of America’s national pastime from Crestview High School Coach Tim Gillis and his staff of players. READ MORE

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