• SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: The magic of baseball

    The Major League Baseball season opens Sunday, when the Chicago Cubs host the St. Louis Cardinals in a battle of National League Central Division teams. I imagine I’ll watch the game, because that’s what baseball fans do. But I believe the professional game has lost some of the glamour it had when I was a kid. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Swinging a Louisville Slugger

    Sitting in a corner of my living room is an old, beat up piece of wood that I’ve had since I was 9 years old. That piece of wood — a baseball bat — has made the journey from boyhood to manhood with me. It has gone to college with me and every home I’ve had along the way. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: The best day of my life

    If I had to pick the best day of my life, it would be a warm Saturday in March of 2002. My dad; nephew, Stuart Maddox; and I spent it in Viera at a spring training baseball game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Florida Marlins. Stuart was 9, a few months away from his 10th birthday. Dad was a healthy 69, still preaching full time with his 70th birthday seven months away. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Play it safe at the ball game

    We all have our little pet peeves and soap boxes. I get totally frustrated when a driver can’t follow an arrow in a parking lot and is coming at me the wrong way. I mean, how difficult can it b... READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Life comes full circle

    I’ve yet to see Crestview High School’s final 2015 football schedule. But from what I’ve heard from Bulldog Coach Tim Hatten, I’ll be taking a stroll down Memory Lane for Crestview’s season finale. I’m guessing it will be the second Friday in November when the Bulldogs make the trip to the little town on the south side of Pensacola Bay to play my alma mater, Gulf Breeze. Ironically, 40 years ago, my senior season for the Dolphins ended with a game against the Bulldogs. READ MORE


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