• SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Doug Baldwin does GBHS proud

    This Sunday is America’s favorite unofficial holiday. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re definitely not a football fan and have probably been isolated from the real world for a very long time. Yes, Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. It’s the day when football fans who care nothing about the teams playing in the big game suddenly become fans of one of the teams. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Memories of a Dallas Cowboy

    When former Dallas Cowboy defensive tackle Jethro Pugh died Jan. 7, I suddenly felt a little older. Pugh played for the Cowboys from 1965-1978, when my love for football was taking hold. The Cowboys, along with the New Orleans Saints, were my two favorite National Football League teams. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Dealing with the weather

    I am not a weather wimp. And quite frankly, I don’t understand those that are. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one to play golf during a thunderstorm or swim in the Gulf when a hurricane is churning off shore. READ MORE

  • Catching up with Crestview High School's Rusty Moorer (VIDEO)

    CRESTVIEW — The News Bulletin's Sports Department selected Rusty Moorer as the North End Zone Spotlight Player of the Week. READ MORE

  • SIDELINE OBSERVATIONS: Cranking things up in 2015

    I can’t believe it is 2015. We survived another round of the holidays and, for me, that meant a week sharing my mom’s sleeper sofa with my 70-pound dog. The five or six weeks between Thanksgiving and the first of the year always throw me off balance. Football season is over and basketball is cranking up full speed, but the holidays always seem full of speed bumps that prohibit me from going at things full throttle. READ MORE


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