EDITOR'S DESK: All eyes on Shoal River

Published: Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at 01:38 PM.

Aug. 27 was the birthday of my mother and a dear friend.

However, both women’s celebrations took a backseat to Hurricane Isaac, the storm that seemed to spare Northwest Florida but wreaked havoc in New Orleans and Alabama coastal areas—to name a couple—and even destroyed some houses.

That Monday, what should have been a day in Alabama set aside for both Southern Belles in my life instead became a big, fat rain check. After all, the good restaurants closed, and although Mom got her gift, and we enjoyed some time together, all eyes were on Isaac.

I fell asleep early—perhaps 6 p.m.—and had one of my incredibly real dreams. (Oh, I dream in color, wide-screen and high definition.)

In the dream, I became lost, and happened upon various campsites filled with interesting people from all lifestyles. However, when meeting strangers, how do you know whom to trust? Moreover, being without a car in the dream, and having no choice but to fish for food and eat it in these people’s presence, was strange.

I would travel from campsite to campsite, hoping to find a way home. The characters were quite interesting, and the whole thing played out like a movie, with various suspenseful twists, but I won’t bore you with the details. (Heck, I barely remember them, as that was last week!)

When I came to the last campsite, and thought I would finally get some answers, and possibly find a way home, my dream was interrupted. By a Lady Gaga commercial, with the singer herself confessing that the movie had no ending and was just performance art to promote her new fragrance.

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