HUBBUB: Suggestion for officers' starting wage, sports editor should rethink law's implications

Published: Tuesday, August 26, 2014 at 03:05 PM.

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Educate children, prevent kidnappings

No one has been successful (luring children) because parents are educating their kids. Keep up the education, because regardless of where you live these sick individuals will never give up.

They keep trying until they find that one weak soul with no education. Praying everyone's kids remain safe.

Renee Stone-Westmoreland


Suggestion for officers' starting wage

These officers chose to protect and serve their community. They have families to support. They may even have student loans to pay off as well, for you have to have an education in criminal justice.

I believe that the starting wage should be no less than $20 an hour.

Thomas O'Donnell


Increase pay, increase professionalism

Of course, low pay doesn't necessarily turn a cop bad, and good pay doesn't ensure good cops, but I believe it does dramatically increase the chances of getting good professional candidates and workers who will invest in the community and continue with the agency for many years, allowing their experience to pay dividends in the future.

Brian Cokonougher


Police put up with problem people non-stop

If we want good-quality people on the force, we need to pay them a decent salary. Think about it: all workers of every kind have to deal with problem people at times, but the task of police officers is to deal with nothing but problem people!

Denise Wong


Crestview cops' pay is too low

We basically have a (police department) farm team. Bring them in, train them and they go to bigger teams with bigger pay. Paying a cop $28,000 a year is way too low for a first responder.

Ray Nelson


Target drunken drivers and these folks

I'd love to see more targeting of people with their toddlers running around in the car or the ones with babies in their laps as well!

Erin Leigh Henderson


Sports editor should rethink law's implications

You're right. Equality doesn't mean equal numbers. That is why TIX offers three ways to comply with the requirement for provision of opportunities. But prong 3 — interests and abilities — cannot be proven based on your "understanding" that there is no girl with a burning desire to play sports. A school needs to collect data.

Scholarship dollars must be divided proportional to the number of male/female athletes. So in schools with football teams (which receive 85 scholarships) other men's sports might not receive the same number of scholarships as their so-called equivalent women's sport. This is not the fault of women's sports.

Wrestling may be on the upswing again but numbers decreased in the 80s — when TIX was not being enforced. The arms race in collegiate sports has limited the re-emergence of some men's sports. That being said, TIX does not mandate that schools cut any sports to comply or that they cut specific sports.

As someone who truly believes in equality — not the convenient (for men) equality you are espousing, I urge you to do your research before you write about Title IX and equality again.

Kris Newhall

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