HUBBUB: Road-closed signs that work; budget theater brought us closer together

Published: Friday, May 23, 2014 at 01:22 AM.

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TOP COMMENT: Here's what a 'road closed' sign means

One would assume that if you were smart enough to pass the road sign portion of your driver's license exam, then you are smart enough to know that no matter how big the sign is, if it says "road closed" it means the whole road.

Not, "It's okay to drive on this part over here that looks okay but we have no idea how bad it is under the surface."

Let's call it like it is: These are people who, for whatever reason, can't be bothered to obey a traffic sign that inconveniences them.

Maybe, if the roadbed collapses under one of them as they drive across it, they'll learn their lesson.

Richard S. Singleton


If road closed signs don't work...

Has anyone thought to put a couple of stakes in the ground with a chain across it?

SanDee December


Meadow Lake Drive repairs may be delayed

Good Luck! Laurel Hill has been trying to get public roads with horrible conditions taken care of for several years to no avail.

Jennifer Johnson


Budget theater was more than a business

There are plenty of churches, and I go to church, but that doesn't mean take over a place where it was more than a business.

To the customers, they had a relationship with us. I have kids lookin' up to me to this day because I met them at Movies & More.

... My relationship with Christ grew because of Tina Myatt and the other workers, and I spread God's word too. Employees who didn't believe started to because we talked to them. And they did the same.

It wasn't only a job but (also was) a safe haven for all of us.

Lindsey Wayman


Sad about Northview Plaza job losses

Very sad that people are out of work. It really is a shame and disappointing.

Kim Lennard Johnson


Why not expand elsewhere?

This location might not have been the best decision for either the owners of the plaza or the church.

The citizens of Crestview are voicing our concern.

We are not happy.

We have lost our Movies & More (which, unfortunately, cannot just relocate), Terrie's Sports, (Angie's Doggie Spa) and other local businesses.

... Crestview has plenty of empty lots on highway frontage. Why not expand there? Why, why take away jobs and businesses?

Becky Johnson Arnett

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