HUBBUB: Remembering Mark Kempski, there's an app for restaurant inspections

Published: Tuesday, July 1, 2014 at 07:36 PM.

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Problems with pond's mosquitoes

I have called the (county) office twice last week and was told they would have an inspector call me back concerning the stagnant water/pond in my backyard and the yards of my neighbors.

I live in Lee Farms and it is an extreme health hazard, and our large oaks and shrubs have all died. Mosquitoes are a horrible problem as well.

Guess I need to call the EPA in Pensacola because I've been unable to get help at county level.

Kerry Wood


Remembering Mark Kempski

Mark was such a great man — honest, helpful — and a good friend. Our family will miss him.

Raymonda Schwartz


'Great guy ... will be missed'

He was a great guy. I felt safe that he wasn't ripping women off. I was one of his customers since he opened the store off (Highway) 90. He will be missed.

Pamela Hannah Apelskog


Oak Hill Road needs serious repairs

This section of road has been repaired and fixed several times within the last 10 years. If it was designed and built properly to a 100-year flood stage in the beginning, this would have never been an issue.

Stop Band-Aiding these projects. Look to the future growth of the area.

Todd Lawrence


Re-defining conservative

Here, I can pull innocuous tidbits from the Internet also.

Historian Gregory Schneider identifies several constants in American conservatism: respect for tradition, support of republicanism, "the rule of law and the Christian religion," and a defense of "Western civilization from the challenges of modernist culture and totalitarian governments."

Jon Bell


Crestview High has outdoor education?

Outdoor education class? Wow. Where was this when I went there?

Andrea Heath Wilkinson


Praise for CHS Principal Dexter Day

Great leader and mentor; he walks the walk.

Kelly Hayes


There's an app for restaurant inspections

I use an app called Restaurant Inspection on my phone. It gives you exact number of violations, dates what for, and you can view the info all right there. It pulls up all restaurants, including fast food, by zip (code) or via the "nearby" tool.

Alia Finch


Road closed signs are for everyone

At Southside Center, there is a road closed sign in the mornings when pre-k students are being unloaded from buses.

People will drive around the sign, pass buses being unloaded and are surprised when the resource officer asks the driver to obey the sign.

It's as if some people think the signs are for other drivers, not them.

Becky Ennis Kannapel


Need more places to take the kids

(Movies & More) was a nice place to take kids. Very few of those places exist in Crestview ... It'd be nice to have local entertainment so residents could spend money in our town rather than having to leave.

Erica Perry


Plenty of children's activities in Crestview

God has a plan; this isn't even my church, but I personally think it's amazing. There is another theater, there are more sports stores, and if someone were truly upset or whatever, then who is to stop you from opening up your own business.

I also think there is plenty of stuff for children to get involved in my town called Crestview. Ever heard of Awana? Sports? Dance? Music? Art? Fishing? Martial Arts? Art? I could go on.

We should be supporting this change; just my opinion. Stay blessed!

Luke Leitschuck


Challenging From the Pulpit

We are not sheep to be led; we are individuals who should be allowed to find their own path.

Richard S. Singleton

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