HUBBUB: Concerns about PJ Adams widening; Yes, miracles happen

Published: Monday, August 4, 2014 at 10:15 AM.

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TOP COMMENT: PJ Adams widening won't redirect new traffic

This widening will do very little to address any traffic problems in Crestview. Folks who would use PJ Adams as a bypass are already doing so, and will continue to do so when it is widened.

It will not redirect any new traffic. It will only make the traffic more tolerable to those who already endure it on PJ Adams.

What is needed is that bypass at Rattlesnake Bluff and Col. Greg Malloy Road that bypasses Crestview entirely, offers interstate interchanges, and connects with west and east 90.

Yes, this would be a $500,000,000 project, but it is what is needed ...

The big issue right now is the fact that, at the very least, 85 — from the Shoal River bridge to at least Aplin Road — needs to be widened to three lanes each, in addition to proper turn lanes. Better traffic light timing is also needed.

At this moment, they are building a flyover at 123/85 (that) is essentially a monstrous waste of money. There was no real issue at that junction beyond folks having to wait approximately a minute before crossing southbound 85 headed north.

If anything, it will only cause traffic in Crestview to pile up even worse as folks will no longer be spacing themselves out in little chunks of traffic. Instead, it will be a constant flow that will bottleneck at the Shoal River bridge traffic light.

The only solution there is to widen 85 from 123 all the way to Aplin Road to a minimum of three lanes each way.

The 123/85 flyover is nothing more than a way to make it more convenient for tourists to head directly to Destin without having to stop for a minute at the 123/85 light.

Jonah Irvington


PJ Adams widening plan great news

Even though it will eventually dump Antioch Road traffic into my neighborhood on approach to the Old Bethel Road red light at U.S. 90, great news.

Robert Damon Bradley


Widening will hinder motorists at Villacrest

Having people going to and coming off of I-10 on PJ Adams, and also making it a four-lane road, sure is going to make it really hard to get out of the first Villacrest. I see a mess in the making.

Mary Ann Basilio


Community rallies for natives, transplants alike

Awesome community that always seems to rally! Whether you are born here or transplanted here, everyone really does care.

And yes, miracles happen, and even more so prayers are answered.

Stephen Dalton


DCF could use some changes

The Department of Children and Families needs a complete overhaul. For the good of the children.

Tracy Cahill


About the fire assessment fee

I'm going to pay property taxes plus an additional $28 per month for fire protection. Where is my tax relief? So it would be cheaper to drill a water well and disconnect city water — or sell my home and move out of the city, which may be a better idea.

Silvia Clem Womack


'Too Hot for Spot!' signs could save lives

Let Wal-Mart put the signs up. It could save an animal's life or at the least aid the prosecution the next time this happens.

Sam Kimmons


Parked cars may present hazard

Why does Crestview allow The Wild Olive to have parking on the side? Can't the owners of the vehicles that park there see that half of their car/truck is in the road?

Plus, you get (people who) park their long pickup or SUV and have hitches on; that ends up taking more of the street to where if two cars passed at the same time they would hit each other as well as the parked vehicle.

Someone, please tell me.

Richard Korte‎


Concerns about potential burns

As a Crestview resident, I don't have a problem with the public parking space being used (for a barbecue smoker).

I seriously doubt that several other businesses are going to do the same thing, as none have yet and the smoker has been there since October!

I have wondered about liability, though: if someone got burned on the smoker, as it's not cordoned off.

Daniel Crawley


Smokers must be screened in

Regardless of what the city says, outdoor smokers must be screened in in Florida. It's not a business's right to ignore health code.

Andrew Twitty


Crestview well represented among Distinguished Young Women

Crestview should be very proud as they both finished in the Top 5.

Sheri Spears Cyrus


McDonald's ownership change beneficial

Best thing that's happened in Crestview in a long time! Costa family businesses are wonderful!

Jessica Van Matre Myers


Praise for fast food restaurants' customer service

The change in ownership has been quite noticeable; the customer service has really improved!

Jessica Stokes


Concern for CHS student athlete plan

I wonder how many players will no longer be eligible to play.

Anita Harness


South Ferdon 'sign dancer' brightens days

A rare occurrence — a young man with initiative. I think you will have a very successful life. Good for you, Brian. Your dancing has brightened my day many times.

Mike Bee 

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