HUBBUB: City needs retail, industrial strategies plan; FIU program marks progress

Published: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 03:51 PM.

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City needs retail and industrial strategies plan

On our latest visit back to Crestview, I noticed all the new businesses coming in (Panera, Zaxby's) and, while this is great, it feels like there's no real "plan" to direct the growth of the city.

Instead of luring industries with lots of jobs — especially being located off a major interstate and having the port of Pensacola and Mobile not that far away — the city keeps growing in the residential sector with minimal retail development.

The city — perhaps with the help of the local chamber and Board of Realtors, and possibly the county — needs to put politics aside and develop a retail and industrial strategies plan to help the city move forward and grow.

Brandy Simon


FIU Physician Assistant program marks progress

Now this is progress in Northwest Florida. Now, keep the politicians out of it.

Hil Jenkins


Question about Antioch Road's proposed I-10 corridor

I would love to know where you will find the space to put the off/on ramps. Are they going to go on the apartment buildings, or on top of the school?

Suzanne Gibbs Bobrowski


Idea for Countryview Park

How about deeding it over to Countryview Estates subdivision and let their homeowners association take it over?

It seems, by its location, that they are the ones who would get the most use out of it.

Why have a city park that only a portion of the city has use of?

Richard S. Singleton


Not informed about Holt park

I am quite concerned about this so-called park they are building in Holt next to my property that was bought under the assumption that a volunteer fire department was going to be built there.

I do not want a park next to me where all the hoodlums, drunks, druggies and all the numerous sex offenders that live in Holt will be using as a hangout.

I was never informed by the county of such plans and feel like now I need to get an injunction to put a halt to the park.

Evelyn Nutting


Praise for Brian, 'the sign dancer'

Good for this kid! He has been out there all this summer — better than most kids would have hung in there for. He does make me smile when I drive by. So much energy.

Sheryl Ross


Idea for Amtrak passenger shelter

If the train ever came back to stop in The View, it would be nice to have it as a dual function: serving ice cream sodas, coffee and such. That way, customers can grab a bite and locals have a stop for ice cream while they shop the stores on Main Street.

Erica Asble

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