GUEST COLUMN: Krystal, mall hold-ups part of a pattern

Published: Monday, June 3, 2013 at 11:31 AM.

My wife and I just returned from the Austin, Texas area for a Memorial Day visit with friends, and I literally got a sick, depressed feeling when I started to enter Crestview.

If we didn't have decent jobs here (not in Crestview), we would have turned around and left. The first night there, it took us an hour to decide where to eat — compared to the 30 seconds it takes here.

Krystal will end up in the same place every other business in the last 10 years that tried to come to Crestucky has — in Destin! They have our Target, Olive Garden and several others.

Someone needs to do an investigation covering past and current council members to see what kind of money Destin is paying them to force the north end of the county to keep them alive during the off season.

I've talked to several business owners that would love to bring some franchises to the area, but impact fees and the tax rate keep most out.

Are you seriously telling me the city would rather have $0 tax revenue than to receive millions in annual revenue and provide some jobs for the community because they don't want to give businesses a break to locate here?

Only one thing could possibly explain that: corruption or personal interest in keeping business out.

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