GUEST COLUMN: Give our military heroes their 2nd Amendment protections

Published: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 08:00 AM.

As a retired law enforcement executive, I have learned these things about violent crime.

●It knows no boundaries; where people travel, crime is usually present.

●Whether an act of terrorism, crime of passion, domestic violence incident or result of mental illness, the sooner the perpetrator is engaged and stopped by deadly force, the lesser degree of injuries and deaths result.

Whether it’s a school, shopping mall, movie theater or a military installation, tactics of dealing with an active shooter are the same. As in the civilian world, police can’t be everywhere, and having multiple military members armed on base serves as a deterrent and a sure-fire way of enhancing the odds that an active shooter will be apprehended quickly.

It's a major policy change for the Pentagon. Historically, the current policy is barely 25 years old. For seasoned veterans who served on bases worldwide during the WWII, Korea and Vietnam eras, it was not uncommon for uniformed military personnel to carry side arms at all times on base and even in nearby towns on business.

Civilian law enforcement officers were comfortable with multiplying the numbers of those who could take action should a violent outburst occur. The day's corporate wisdom was to always be ready for any unforeseen incident. 

Have we changed so much we can rely on our military heroes to fight and die for us, but we can’t trust them to be issued and carry weapons on base to protect the base infrastructure and its most valuable assets?

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