GUEST COLUMN: Chronic complainers should consider Crestview’s strengths

Published: Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at 10:55 AM.

I have not read of any official allegations of corruption in your newspaper.

If the writer understood how city government worked, he would know there is already a management plan for Crestview called the comprehensive plan, which was recently updated.

But I guess your writer doesn't understand that Highway 85 is a state road, not a city road, and city government cannot do anything to widen it, pave it, time the stop lights better or build a bypass on a state or county road.

One thing I do know is that people like your reader love complaining, but hate supporting their city — even just to learn how it works.

I have been here just over 10 years, and after years of living in a city with all the malls and chain restaurants your writer desires, I would rather be nowhere else.

This is the warmest, friendliest place I've ever lived, even if the mayor and city council won't put on their hardhats to go build an Olive Garden — after they have dug new lanes for Highway 85, of course.

By Matthew Bryant, Crestview

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