EDITOR’S DESK: Splitting hairs about Halloween

Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 03:05 PM.

But do you ever look at Facebook photos following a costume party?

The devils with pitchforks, the monsters and goblins, the witches and harlots and their mischievous faces, taken out of context, without audio, send unintended messages.

Perhaps the communications degree forces me to analyze the difference between those more sinister images and video of the same scene that explains, “It’s all in good fun.”

Either way, it’s one of those split hairs that, upon hearing it, either enlightens you or compels you to say, “Geez, lighten up!”

Once you realize the power of visual communication, and universal language, you question everything. Like one reader, who today asks critics of the William Lundy Memorial, with its debated Confederate flag, to consider how sports teams’ mascots and everyday household items also could be offensive.

Now, the News Bulletin has no plans to take a position on this flag debate. It would be difficult to do so because the pro-flag and anti-flag camps are passionate in their beliefs and make points that come from life experiences or racial backgrounds that not all of us share. But I digress.

Noting, as the reader had, that flag critics shouldn’t stop there, and should question, say, any household product that uses the word devil or other sinister names or images is a fair point. Because in all likelihood, that discussion isn’t happening in these households.

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