EDITOR’S DESK: Splitting hairs about Halloween

Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 03:05 PM.

It came back in college, but was more about several volunteers, including me, helping inner city children play carnival games and enjoy Halloween off the streets.

It’s been dormant since then. It probably would return if I marry and have children, but for now, it has no purpose.

Particularly since (as a good communication arts major should), I deconstruct everything.

As the years progress, I increasingly focus on images and their universal meanings, and what they say about people, places or things.

I’ve always strived to live an authentic life. To avoid societal trends and whims. To avoid status quo if it’s for status quo’s sake. To deny the self when possible and practical, so I could feel the pain of those less fortunate, perhaps in other countries. To ignore jokes targeting people with poorer health, means or ability. And to always set a positive example.

During Halloween, it means not wearing a costume that counters my Christian faith or general disposition, whether it’s just to be ironic or because the night supposedly offers a pass for unusual behavior.

Fuddy duddy, I know!

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