The uninsured are charged up to four times what the insured are charged for health services despite being the least capable of paying. It is no different from you and your neighbor going to the store and being charged two different prices for the same product, such as a loaf of bread. He gets charged $2 and you get charged $8. Why do providers bother when they know the person is not going to be able to pay? Because in accrual accounting those charges are considered receivables. The higher the receivables the better the balance sheet. The better the balance sheet the better the stock price. When those “uncompensated” charges have to be written off due to non-payment the provider then claims that is their reason for increasing the prices for everyone. Of course, if the charges were the same for everyone, the write-offs would be lower. It is highly inflationary, for everyone.

Michele Lafferty, Fort Walton Beach