It’s official: The NFL commissioner will not do anything about the seemingly unpatriotic NFL players, and why should he?

You see, it’s not his team.


If you own an NFL football team and you are paying players to play football, then it’s up to you, the team owner, to take care of business like this.

It goes like this, players: If you want the $7 million per year, then when you park your car on my property, you are my employee and you need to follow all the rules. I did not hire you to protest. That you do off my property and on your time. I hired you to play football and if you cannot do that then you’re gone. As an owner I could care less about your feelings about the USA or the American flag. While you’re here you do what you are paid to do and that’s play football.

Remember that when you’re on this field, you are representing me, the owner, the team, and the fans who paid to see you play and pay your salary to make your life and family very happy.

The owners are afraid of racial overtones so they too will not make a decision about the issue. I can. I’m taking a knee. I will not watch pro football on TV, I will not go to a pro game, I will not fly out to see a pro game as before, and I will not buy the sponsor product for the team, I will not buy the teams’ logos anymore. You see, I too can take a knee.

Oh, and if you see your check is a bit light, you can send me a thank you note.

William Everett, Baker