Michael A Hartman: The Corps of Engineers and the people are to blame. If the river were left to flood its natural flood plain, south Louisiana would be uninhabitable to most. Louisiana is not sinking; it is rotting away with no way to rebuild itself. If the delta would flood as it was meant to, even the so-called oilfield damage would heal itself. The science is not settled. Global warming by man is a hoax. The globe has been warming since the end of the last ice age. If you want a real problem, let there be another ice age. If you want the Louisiana coastline to heal, get rid of the Mississippi River levees. The river will take care of it.

Ross Lee Davis: Louisiana coastal parishes are in bad shape because of oil companies and corrupted politicians, not global warming or climate change.

Glenn Robichaux: The oil companies didn't help things, but when the river was controlled, the erosion started and has no way to be repaired without the silt from the river.

Daniel P Landry: The wetlands are weak to begin with. It's not a manmade problem. Sure the oil companies didn't help, but let's face it: This has been going on for millions of years. We just have the sense to notice it. And as far as "global warming" goes, you cannot tell me a gas that makes up less then a 10th of a percent in the earth's atmosphere has anything to do with how hot or how cold it is. The Earth was here way before we were and it's going to be here long after we're gone.

Justin Dowden: Don't believe everything you read. I am sure you can find writings that the polar ice cap is growing. I think you don't like Trump because he won. The liberal in the White House now has done nothing for Louisiana erosion either. If the state would cut 10 or so more diversions of the Mississippi and Atchafalaya in 50 years, we would have our wetlands back. Quit crying. It's been a month.

Nikki Gorman McElroy: OK, we get it. You're not a Trump fan. So before he's actually in office, you condemn him. I just have to ask: When our "community leader" was proven to change his mind, did you complain?

Jerry Lyons: We started washing away when building levees on the Mississippi River. There is a lot of blame in the past and future.

Craig Luke: I would say that the reason that Trump would pull out of the agreement is because the United States is probably picking up a disproportionate cost with the agreement, just like many other treaties or agreements with other nations. It's probably just a bad agreement for us, and we are getting screwed. Like NAFTA.

Chad Robichaux: Even if climate change were real and we reduced our emissions, the Houma area will be under water one day. The levees we are building are only a short-term solution. The primary reason our coast is shrinking is because we built levees along the Mississippi and Atchafalaya rivers that prevented the natural buildup of alluvium. There are other factors like saltwater intrusion and subsidence. I'm not completely sold on a rising sea level. I've been surveying coastal areas for over 20 years and I have seen very little change in sea level. It may appear to be rising because the land is sinking, but the elevation of the water has not changed much in 20 years. I'd like the editor to post evidence of the sea rising over the last 100 years. How do they come up with these drastic predictions of future rises in the sea level? I would think they would have to base it on historical patterns.

Pat Rogers: Very well said.

Chad Robichaux: Thank you.

Laddie Thibodeaux Well said.

Courtney Collins Lee: There is the info from NASA about human-caused global warming. Yes, the levees along the Mississippi River have interrupted the delta's ability to sustain itself, and human-created global warming is on track to melt polar ice caps causing sea levels to rise. It's not a hoax.

David Delgado: So all this just happened? Wow! It is clear to see who hates Trump.

Jordan Gribble: Once again, Mr. Keith Magill, your opinions are well-researched and a true breath of fresh air. Congratulations on a job well done, sir.

Chad Robichaux: According to the executive summary of this report by NOAA, the sea level has only risen 1.7 mm per year over the 20th century, +/-0.5 mm. That equates to 0.56 feet in a period of 100 years. Not very significant. For the sea level to rise 6 1/2 feet by 2100, it would have to rise approximately 1.5 feet every 20 years. For the sea level to rise 48 feet by 2500, it would have to rise approximately 2 feet every 20 years.

Joel A. Ohmer: Shhhh. Stop making sense.

Zachary M. Schuler: What are you doing to take action on your sinking feeling? (Not antagonizing, just curious.)

Jennifer Smith: Lord have mercy.

Joan Williams: I am so sick of all these anti-Trump people. Just exactly what are they afraid of? That they won't get paid to give opinions any more? Would be fine with me.

Jacob Leblanc: I would imagine they are scared of him for a lot of the same reasons you were scared of Clinton.

Joan Williams: I was never scared of Hillary Clinton. I knew it would be business as usual. I despise crooks.

Joel A. Ohmer: Nor was i scared of Clinton. I'm just pro-life.

June Hjones: Gosh!